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Hotel Hot Spring Therme & Spring (Shimla)

“Sandhya Sulphur Hot Spring – Health Care is a located in the middle of the Himalaya. Just 49 km from the hill queen City Shimla the capital of Himachal Pradesh. It located in Tattapani (Himachal Pradesh), at the altitude of 650mts, perfect temperature for the healing treatments. We are just enough away from the city crowd that our guest can have the maximum benefits of their healthy moments spend with us.

Hotel Hot Spring Therme & Spring (Shimla)

Tattapani is famous for its natural Hot Sulphur Spring gushing out of the earth at the different temperature. Since the ancient time people know the miraculous/therapeutic property of this water and come from all over to take a dip into the Sulphur springs: this water provides relief from joint pains, fatigue and stress and skin disease. As per test reports hot spring water has got 37 precious minerals which has got therapeutic medicinal values.


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