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We are constantly on the look for places and ways to unwind, relax and rejuvenate our souls. Visakhapatnam is one among the few places in India that provides you endless options. One such exciting location that you simply should surely visit in Visakhapatnam is that the Katiki Waterfalls. The falls derived its name from its location Katiki, the place where it’s located. It’s about 50 feet high and originated from Gosthani River, which lies around 90 kilometers from Visakhapatnam. The waterfall features a serene ambiance and surrounded by a gorgeous forest, located near the Borra Caves and may be a famous attraction for picnickers and nature lovers. Paradise awaits you among dense forests and steep hills to cascading water from the highest of Capitol Hill, at the top of the trail. Within the lap of nature, you’ll eat, sleep, relax, and easily take an enormous breath of fresh air.

Things to Try and Do

To reach the waterfall, you would like to trek up a hill. it’s a really short trek, hardly twenty or thirty minute’s duration and fairly easy as compared to trekking up to succeed in waterfalls. Katiki Waterfall may be a prominent place for camping. Live the dream of camping within the woods by fixing tents here together with your friends and family. The enjoyment of cooking your own

food over a raging bonfire, while you sit around sharing ghost stories, under a starry night sky is surreal. Katiki waterfalls are famous for one item which will be uniquely found here. It’s called Bamboo chicken which may be a special recipe that’s made from marinated chicken that has been infused with the smell and flavor of bamboo sticks. It sells off faster than hotcakes, leaving you looking for more.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to go to Katiki Waterfalls is during monsoons. It’s the time when the sweetness of those falls is enhanced because the downpour doubles up the width and flow of the waterfall. Aside from monsoons, other seasons of the year also are favorable to possess some fun at this site. Tourists should attempt to reach as early as possible within the day to urge enough daylight to explore the waterfall. It’s highly recommended that a private should avoid visiting the place during summers because the falls tend to dry.

How to Reach

Private vehicles or auto-rickshaws are the simplest modes of transport to succeed in the purpose where one can park the vehicles and either take a paid jeep ride or traverse by foot. The route resulting in the parking point goes via Araku – Visakhapatnam road and Sabbavaran road. The local jeep drivers charge around INR 200 per person to require tourists to the purpose where they will trek for about 25 minutes to succeed in the waterfall.

Entry Fee and Timings

There is no entry fee to go to the Katiki falls. Katiki falls are often visited from 6:00 within the morning to 7:00 within the evening on all days of the week.

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